Thursday, July 30, 2009

13reasons you should date dead people

  1. Dead people do not have bodyguards.
  2. Dead people can't afford any lawsuit against you.
  3. Dead people are colder and cheapper than air conditioned in long hot summers.
  4. Dead people are very good listeners, and they never interupt you from anything.
  5. Dead people "can see dead people" too, not just that kid from the movie.
  6. Dead people don't eat much.
  7. Dead people don't cheat at cards.
  8. Dead people don't talk bedind your back.
  9. Dead people are very sincere, silence says everything.
  10. Dead people don't come home late at night with another women's lipstick on their shirt.
  11. Dead people don't have bad habits like drinking to much or smoking.
  12. Dead people are women friendly, 'cause they can't get a hard on.
  13. Dead people never complain about sex.

    BONUS: Dead people don't come asking for money !

    PS: I don't recommend sex with creatures that have a lower or higher blood temperature than yours ! and i certanly do NOT encourage necrophilia !

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