Friday, July 31, 2009

13 reasons you should NOT have a zombie girlfriend

  1. If she is massaging you, she's doing that probably to tenderize your meat.
  2. You might find a pink toenail in your soup,in a fashion era when everybody wears green, simply unacceptable .
  3. You might just be eating her last date.
  4. Beware of compliments that contain "tasty".
  5. Not every stuffed animal wears blue and has a badge, but hears do.
  6. You probably tasted her sister last night, and she needed more salt and spices.
  7. It would be probably better not to start your dinner with a cannibal joke.
  8. Take her at the local cinema to see a vegetarian movie,that will calm her off.
  9. If she's a on a diet, your leather jacket should be enough for tonight.
  10. Give up the flowers, 'cause raw meat does the job better.
  11. The best place to date a cannibal would probably be a police station.
  12. If she does something wrong, never...i repete , never give her a helping hand.
  13. Every time she takes you to a party with her closest friends ,always remind them that you got the flu, because even cannibals have health issues.

PS: If you spot a cannibal, please report that to your local police a man , not a meal .

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