Sunday, August 16, 2009

13 ways to be romantic (for those of you who like to analyze and compute things)

  1. Spend 10% more time together.

  2. Generate 33% more laughter in your life together.

  3. Focus 100% of your attention when listening to him or her.

  4. Create a 10% increase in the amount of fun you have together.

  5. Give up 10% of your hobby time, and give it to your partner.

  6. Reduce your complaining by 50%.

  7. Reduce your criticizing by 62%.

  8. Say I love you 300% more often.

  9. Spend 10% as much time kissing as you spend watching TV every day.

  10. Be 25% more creative in your relationship.

  11. Be 10% more thoughtful/considerate.

  12. If you're talkative by nature, talk 20% less, and listen 20% more.

  13. If your quiet by nature, open up and talk 20% more.

PS : Give me a feedback if this is working for you too !

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